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Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation Celebrates Grand Opening of New Waste Transfer Station

Community Strides Towards a Cleaner, Sustainable Future

October 24, 2023 – Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation,  Treaty No. 1 Territory – Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation (RRAFN) announces the grand opening ceremonies of its new, state-of-the-art Waste Transfer Station, set to take place on October 25, 2023. The Grand Opening will be attended by Chief & Council alongside esteemed guests, community members, and partners, including EarthMax Construction and Neegan Burnside.

The grand opening of the Waste Transfer Station is a monumental step forward in promoting sustainable practices, job creation, and environmental stewardship within the Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation and the broader community. All interested parties and members of the media are invited to join in celebrating this remarkable achievement.

Event Details:

  • Where: Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation
  • When: October 25, 2023, at 11:00 AM

This new Waste Transfer Station carries immense significance for the Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation and its surrounding communities, carrying out commitments towards several essential goals and benefits:

  1. Employment and Jobs: The Waste Transfer Station will create employment opportunities, contributing to the economic well-being of the community.
  2. Cleaner Community: This facility will significantly enhance RRAFN’s waste management practices, ensuring a cleaner and more pristine environment for all residents.
  3. Promoting Land Stewardship: By managing waste efficiently, the Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation takes a vital step in caring for its ancestral lands and setting a model for responsible land management.
  4. Self-Performing and Recycling: This development enables RRAFN to take control of its waste management and recycling efforts while fostering sustainability and self-sufficiency.
  5. Community Well-being: Ultimately, the Waste Transfer Station promises a cleaner and healthier community for all residents, furthering the well-being and quality of life for the people of Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation.

“I’m immensely proud of what our community has accomplished today,” said RRAFN Chief Gary Roberts. “This Waste Transfer Station is a testament to our determination to provide employment opportunities, care for our lands, and set a positive example for future generations. It’s a powerful symbol of unity and progress.”

Thoughts were also shared by RRAFN Councillor Evan Roberts, stating, “As we stand here on this historic day, we’re reminded that it’s not just about managing waste; it’s about managing our future. This Waste Transfer Station represents an opportunity for our community to take control of our destiny, promote responsible land stewardship, and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. We are grateful for the unwavering support and collaboration that has made this vision a reality.”

The successful realization of this project has been made possible through the combined efforts of various key players, including Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), EarthMax Construction, Neegan Burnside, and Waste Transfer Coordinator David Thomas. Acknowledgment and gratitude are also extended to RRAFN’s past leadership, especially former Councillor June Thomas, who played a pivotal role in spearheading the process with RRAFN’s Executive Team and the continued support of Chief Roberts and his Council.




For media inquiries, please contact:

Amanda Unrau
Executive Assistant, Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation | 431-342-0728

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