Development Corp.


In honouring our ancestral legacy, T1DC will empower and sustain the economic foundation of T1 Nation through the establishment of:

  • A diversified business development portfolio;
    Supporting sustainable revenue streams for Treaty One Nation; and
  •  Maximizing ongoing and future investments.

These efforts will empower First Nation economic success to fulfill the restoration and reclamation of Treaty 1 identity, culture, language and wellness.


On the basis of our Vision and Mission Statement, the mandate of the Treaty One Development Corporation is:

To foster economic growth through strategic development on Treaty One Lands by way of sustainable and innovative business ventures that generate revenue, prosperity, employment, skills and development to the Treaty One Nation.


Treaty One Development Corporation values Indigenous Knowledge and our business decision-making is guided by our values. Specifically, the Seven Teachings will inform our relationships with First Nation communities, partners, investors, contractors, and other collaborators. The teachings of respect, honesty /truth, wisdom, courage, generosity, love and humility form the basis of the First Nations way of life.

  1. RESPECT – We strive to maintain unity and achieve substantial agreement as one Nation. We rely on respectful deliberations with respect for diverse views and the peaceful resolution of all matters.
  2. HONESTY/TRUTH– We are committed to open, transparent governance that honours our lived experiences. We acknowledge that sometimes we have to weave together multiple perspectives so that we may uphold, respect, and share our truths.
  3. WISDOM – We are a sovereign people with our own knowledge, laws, government, culture, spirituality and social and economic systems. We continually seek the input and engagement of our Nation’s wisdom.
  4. COURAGE – We work to face our challenges with integrity, to do what is right, and have the courage to make difficult decisions in the best interests of our citizens.
  5. GENEROSITY – We will share our knowledge, our gifts and our success to build a strong and successful organization that will give back to our Member Nations.
  6. HUMILITY – We accept our right and responsibility to govern our own affairs and will do so with integrity and an open-mind, seeking to listen and learn from one another.
  7. LOVE – Our autonomy flows directly from the love of our people. We act on behalf of our people and care for their well-being and prosperity, therefore have the responsibility to actively participate in all Treaty One affairs.